Turning Sunlight into Life:


Our Mother Earth is a precious jewel in our solar system. Conditions had to be favorable for life to spring from the ocean depths. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor comprised our atmosphere which was not hospitable for life as we know it today. Who would have ever guessed that without a single-cell bacteria (cyanobacteria) we likely would not be here! It started the magnificent chain of events that led to the miracles that brought all life to where we are today.

Excerpts from the below article share how magically this process of photosynthesis occurred and how we owe gratitude to the little bacteria that breathed in carbon dioxide and breathed out oxygen.

This is a good article if you are interested in the progression of lifeforms from single-cell organisms into organelles and the timespans before human life as we believe it occurred.


Digging deeper into the story we notice how Jose’s Grandfather acknowledged his worth and reason for being in their family. He said, Jose is more than enough by just being part of their family. He mentioned that as he grew, he could discover subjects that interest him and he would leave a legacy for future generations. Jose saw himself as a teacher and began imagining how it would be to lead a class outdoors.

It’s critical that parents and teachers instill a sense of worth in young children. Watching them as they play and helping them discover their unique gifts is important. The impact of teachers on their students can be a driving force in the direction they take with their studies and future career. Acknowledging children throughout their developmental years is a great way to build positive self-esteem. Be a role model because children learn from watching parents and teachers as well as what you say. “Actions speak louder than words,” is still applicable.

A central theme throughout the Nature Connections’ stories is our connection as one through nature. The symbiotic dance between plants and animals (humans included), is undeniable as we breathe in oxygen and the plants breathe in carbon dioxide. Knowing that we are all connected in the web of life gives comfort that we are never all alone.  All you need do is sit quietly underneath a tree, let out anything you need to express and then breathe in deeply while feeling connected to all nature.