Overview of Nature Connections

How does Nature Connections help with Home Schooling?





We are all at our core connected to Source and inherently good. Nature Connections introduces a way of living in harmony and balance with nature that opens a worldview of possibilities connecting all life to the sacred. The seasons    flow naturally from spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and lastly winter to spring. North of the equator, we observe a lot of windy conditions during spring, followed by the hot summer sun. Fall is typically dry and winter is cold.

Observing nature can show us expressions of our own human feelings. We may easily represent the wind by shouting and expressing anger. In many societies, anger is considered inappropriate to express. For example, when a young child is playing with a toy and another child comes along and takes it from him or her, it’s natural to feel angry. Helping your child learn to express anger in a healthy way teaches them how to set appropriate boundaries. Allowing your child to express suitable anger when it arises and letting it flow through will naturally release the energy, keeping their body in balance.









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The heat in summer can evoke laughter and joy as you play outside. We associate fall with letting go and feelings of sympathy and even grief. The cold of winter can arouse fear when temperatures cause our lakes to freeze and darkness temporarily overtakes the light. All expressions of emotions are not necessarily good or bad. When an emotion is overused or used at the wrong time there can be an imbalance.

Any emotion whether it is anger, joy, sympathy, grief, or fear can be helpful in living a life in balance. We interact in our lives using emotions which help us express our feelings.

Plants are always in perfect balance, utilizing sunshine, earth, minerals, and water. These elements make up Mother Earth and therefore are represented in us. Human imbalance is affecting the balance of Mother Earth. It’s time for humans to realize we are all on the same team as do plants and trees. do. Once that happens, as we recently saw in a few short months, Mother Earth quickly comes back into balance.

Consider approaching this worldview as if humans are a microcosm and Mother Earth is the macrocosm. Once you understand nature, you can begin connecting the dots with people. As we look for a new normal, let’s not forget what we learned in 2020. Remember what really matters and keep focused on those priorities.


After visiting a waterfall recently, a profound message came to me on the wind saying, “Look at the water flowing over the rocks. See the wildflowers peacefully growing at the edge of the shallows. Tree roots that are 100s of years old grow over the rocks and the symphony of nature cascades nonstop. You can too! Humans of all nationalities, ethnicities, and genders are more similar than different. Nothing is impossible if you will work together!”

How well we coordinate and get along requires harmony, alignment, and balance. We are all an expression of the elements of sunshine, earth, minerals, and water as represented by the emotions of joy, anger, sympathy, grief and fear. Our Mother Earth is the embodiment of the elements and our teacher.

Our children hold the key to our future and for the quality of life we will experience. Enjoy the stories and resources as we dig deeper and enjoy this fantastic adventure called life!