Charlie and Ms. Cheryl

Charlie encounters his friend, Ms. Cheryl, who shares a story with him and his parents that give them hope for a better future. In the story she tells about people who were under a spell causing them to chase after being number 1! Ms. Cheryl was able to show that another possibility is available enabling better days.  She helped him understand our connection to each other through nature.


The magic spell Ms. Cheryl shared in her story relates to the pressure on individuals place on themselves to conform to a certain standards of living.  People have to work more and more to "keep up with the Joneses". 


When I was young (1960s) my mother made most of my clothing. By the time I was a teen, I preferred to work and buy designer label clothing to 'fit in' with the cool kids! I was spending money for what I wanted versus what I actually needed. I was falling under the spell of making money to acquire the American dream!

In the story, many individuals were so caught up in chasing number 1, they lost site of what really mattered in life and they got sick. It was only by slowing down and stopping for awhile that they began to wake up and experience true happiness.

One hundred years ago, the prevalent belief was that our natural resources were endless. We couldn’t possibly run out of trees to cut, could we? The oceans were teeming with fish and the wildlife was plentiful. We now know many animal and plant species are going extinct at faster rates than ever before. Our actions have consequences. 

What is the answer? It will not be one solution but many that will reconnect us with our roots…our roots in nature. Once we learn to slow down and care for our Mother Earth, we will come back into balance with nature. We can discover and implement sustainable methods for the energy we need, the food we eat, and the clothing we wear. 

Here is the tagline at the end of each story affirming that we can change before it becomes too late by waking up from the spell and seeing clearly what we need to do. 

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