About Us

- Elle Travis, Author -

Whether exploring the neighborhood woods or playground adventures, Elle was outside from early morning until dusk. As she grew, her fascination with words grew too. She received an urgent message from Spirit that she was holding ancient wisdom that needed to be shared with children. From there, Nature Connections was born. One of her roles in life was to become a pollinator of nature’s wisdom and share it with children in fun, fanciful stories.

Elle acknowledges we are living in extraordinary times and everyone needs to awaken to what really matters: we are all connected! She believes nature connects us as one.

Jenny Camp Photo.jpeg

- Jenny Camp, Illustrator -

Artist, traveler, and believer, finding joy wherever she is, Jenny finds inspiration in the world around her, particularly animals and flowers and hopes that her art brings joy to others. She has been making art in one form or another all her life, but has always found watercolor beautiful and has been painting in that medium the past eight years. Jenny has taken several formal classes but is primarily self-taught. She finds experimenting and playing with watercolor has been one of the best "teachers," as well as painting with other artist and learning from each other. Jenny plans to continue learning and exploring all that watercolor has to offer. She would like to continue making people happy with her art.