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Enjoy children's books awakening your childlike innocence. Learn how to connect back to nature with these simple, fun fairy books you and your children will enjoy.

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Spring Magic & Summer Fun

Do you remember your childhood innocence and how you could transform your backyard into an adventure land of play? Computer screens are replacing the natural world and wonderment children discover from playing outdoors, robbing them of their innocence. In Nature Connections, all creation dances with your children as they are transformed to places only nature spirits can evoke. Light Feather is a messenger Fairy who sprinkles fairy dust across these pages to help create a magical journey that children of all ages can share.

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Why is Nature Connections Important?

After recently visiting Mingo Falls in Cherokee, NC, a profound message came to me on the wind saying, “Look at the water flowing over the rocks. See the wildflowers peacefully growing at the edge of the shallows. Tree roots that are 100s of years old grow over the rocks and the symphony of nature cascades nonstop. You can too! Humans of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders and any other differences are all connected through nature. Nothing is impossible if you will work together!”

Spring Magic, Summer Fun, Fall into Autumn & Winter Tales Snippets  

Spring Magic Snippets

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Creator of All.png
Choose Love Super Zinnia.png
Choose Love Surprised Deer_edited.jpg
Turning Sunlight Into Life Dance.png
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Fall into Autumn Luna Moth .png
Fall into Autumn Peas on Earth.png
Fall into Autumn Blanket called Mulch.png
Fall into Autumn Reggie and Teacher.png
Fall into Autumn Bee City.png
Winter Tales - Sunny Bear Snippets for website_edited.jpg
Misty and Dewey Snippet for website.png
Dream Big Snippet for website.png
Light Feather in Tween Places with Text.
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